Tuesday, January 5, 2010

In The Studio with Cara Ober

Cara Ober is an artist and person extraordinaire in Baltimore. She is represented by Gallery Imperato in Baltimore, Civilian Art Project in Washington, DC and Randall Scott Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. She writes the bmoreart blog as well as contributing to the Baltimore City Paper, ARTNews, and Art Papers. She let me have a sneak-peek into her studio before her paintings were shipped off to New York for her upcoming solo show, Glittering Generalities, on view at Randall Scott Gallery January 7- February 13, 2010.

(all "quotes" are from C.O., paraphrased by Rachel Sitkin)

Cara and Uncle Louie

"I collect ephemera, bits of nonsense"

"I want people to think, 'why are all these things together?' I feel like my life is that way- it never makes sense"

"I am trying to achieve an authentic experience"

"...and I like pretty things. People like pretty. So what?"

"I am pointing out the 'truths' that people used to believe, the odd bits of information that were once valued"

"I like to think of the paintings as poetry, where there can be any combination of things, of words and they find a meaning together"

"I know it's good when I feel guilty, like I've gotten away with something. I know you're not supposed to do these things in painting"

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