Wednesday, November 18, 2009

this weekend


Ambiguous Bodies @ Silber Gallery, Goucher College
The human body can be interpreted in multiple and diverse ways, for the exhibition Ambiguous Bodies the artists employ the idea of ambiguity, dismantling notions of the classical and ideal form, while simultaneously broadening the scope of the human form to include differences of beauty, race, sexuality, and gender. Artists include: Heather Boaz, Jeanne-Marie Burdette, Zoë Charlton, Elizabeth Crisman, Joshua Crown, Ellen Durkan, Jason Horowitz, Jackie Milad, Jenny Mullins, Lynn Palewicz, and April Wood.

Exhibition Dates: November 3 - December 13, 2009
Opening Reception: Thursday Nov. 19, 2009 6-9pm

Silber Gallery, Goucher College
121 Dulaney Valley Rd.
Baltimore, MD


Functionless Form @ School 33
The works in this exhibit reconsider the questions of art as décor, and décor as art. These four artists consider their creative output and its relevance to space, aesthetic, and taste. They perceive and appreciate the prospective place in which their artwork will reside. Like the pop artists, they remove familiar from its context and isloate the objects to provide contemporary interpretations and definitions of fine art. Artists include Chiara Keeling, Allison Reimus, M. Angelo Arnold & Shannon Donovan. Curated by Philippa P.B. Hughes.

Exhibition Dates: November 20, 2009- January 16, 2010
Opening Reception: Friday, Nov. 20, 2009 6-9 pm
School 33 Art Center
1427 Light Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21230

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