Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Art I saw in Portugal

graffiti from Lisbon and Porto

Highlights from the Serralves Foundation 30th Anniversary Exhibition in Porto

Bernd & Hilla Becher, Aufbereitungsanlagen, 1974-75, 9 b/w photographs of mining plants in the U.S.

Gilberto Zorio, Piombi, 1968, Lead plate, coppersulphate, chloric acid

Robert Rauschenberg, Untitled (Venetian), 1983, cardboard, tar paper, tape & rope

Christina Iglesias, Untitled (Passage I), 2002, raffia

Tobias Rehberger, Mother 81%, 2002, metal, plastified paper, fabric, plexiglass, wood, tape

interior of Mother 81%

Michelangelo Pistoletto, Rag Wall, 1967, bricks, fabric

Emilia Nadal, Slogan's, 1979, painted wood

Eduardo Batarda, Eat That Chicken, 1973, india-ink and watercolor on paper


Katharina Grosse, Atoms Outside Eggs, 2007, acrylic on polyurethane on styrofoam (& me)

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  1. Thanks for your greatful photos about art in Porto&Lisbon; was great see my favourite place throught an artist's eyes